The original K-WAX
Carnauba Wax products that are so easy to use


Our products are perfect for use on all the different types of painted surfaces of caravans and motor homes.

One 500ml bottle of wax is sufficient for a 36' static caravan. On most vans if you have steps available this will only take about 20 minutes work, just think 20 minutes once a year to keep your investment looking its best and increase its retail value.

By using K-WAX Shampoo you will be able to quickly wash and wax during the year, it takes only minutes and will keep your pride and joy looking its best throughout the year. 1 bottle makes 10 washes so its great value for money, and can be used in a pressure washer.

Specially developed for  tents and awnings is our concentrated Fabric Cleaner. This cleaner is gentle yet removes greening an dirt.
Always reseal after washing.
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Caravans, Motorhomes and Camping
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