The original K-WAX
Carnauba Wax products that are so easy to use


K-WAX products are Carnauba based. Carnauba is the best known, most effective wax used in the car industry.

Pure Carnauba is a solid wax which is extremely difficult to use. Our products use the maximum ratio that allows the easiest application. 

We use 40% Carnauba in our wax, the highest amount that can be used for the product to remain in a liquid form.

Our shampoo also contains Carnauba wax in order to leave a protective film after washing.

All our products are UV stable and leave a long lasting finish. 

Cleaning products are environmentally safe. Simple wash and rinse.

Our Marine products are all easy on easy off meaning you spend much less time cleaning than using any other products.
Our products are safe to use even on the water!

Boat Care
Car Care
Caravans, Motorhomes and Camping
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