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As our products are labelled for car or boat, we are often asked for clarification, and asked how easy is it?
So here it goes, the simplest way to clean a 36 foot static van on a site.

You will need to buy a 500ml bottle of Boat Wash and a 500ml Bottle of Camper Wax. Grab two buckets, a washing broom, a sponge, some mutton cloth and a couple of microfibre cloths.

Mix up the wash in a bucket as described on the label. Keep clean water in a second bucket.
Simply wash down with the broom firstly with the boat wash solution, then rinse with clean water as the dirt/mould lifts. You should aim to do about a 2 metre wide strip at a time. Dont rush, take time to let the wash break down the dirt, keep it wet with the broom and go over the section slowly.
Use old newspaper to dry the windows as you go and they will be clean and shiny.


Keep washing until all the surfaces are clean and allow to dry.

Use a stepladder or chair if you have one handy, we just used the plastic garden chair that was left on site with this van.

Using mutton cloth, wipe on a thin layer of Boat Wax, as much as you can reach. Allow to dry for a minute or so. Then simply wipe of with a gentle rubbing motion with a microfibre cloth. Dont rub hard, theres no need, its just a gentle buff to bring out the shine.

The whole job took under four hours, simple wiping, no hard rubbing, no hard work and no polluting chemicals. From green to clean for an entire season.

If you want an easier way of looking after your van, carry out this process at the end of the season to protect it through the winter months. It will make it so easy to clean for the next summer meaning you get to spend more time enjoying your treasured possesion.
Caravan Cleaning in action
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